Scotland: Russian Consul General Salutes Arctic Convoy Veterans

News from the Celtic League:

Andrey A Pritsepov, Consul General of the Russian Federation for Scotland, has held a reception for veterans of Arctic Convoys which supplied Russia in WW 2

Mr Pritsepov said:

"Russia is indebted to the brave Scottish men who risked their lives in dangerous conditions to deliver vital aid and equipment to the eastern front.

"It was a journey against all odds. Many have never returned. Their sacrifice and heroism comprise a proud chapter in our shared history.

"With so many of the Scottish veterans now in their 80s and 90s, we felt the 75th anniversary was an important milestone to bring as many of them together as possible to capture their stories and ensure we have a lasting legacy for many more generations to come."

Earlier this year Arctic convoy veterans were awarded the Ushakov medal (see link):

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