Reunification of Brittany: Support continues to build for big demonstration in Nantes on September 27

A week to go until what promises to be the biggest demonstration in favour of the reunification of Brittany so far. Next Saturday in Nantes at 14.00 people from all over the nation of Brittany will hold a rally to demand that Nantes and Loire Atlantique are re-united within the ancient borders of this Breton land. 

The coming together of the five departments of Brittany will be the first step towards the process of creating an autonomous Assembly of Brittany. Like Scotland and Catalonia we need to be in a position to exercise our democratic rights. The decisions about the future direction of Brittany has to be in Breton hands.The demonstration in Nantes on September 27 is yet another example of the will of the Breton people to achieve reunification and freedom.

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