Remembering the Loss of Bugaled Breizh on 15 January 2004

Recent Blog items on the Transceltic website have pointed to the perils faced by those earning a living off our Celtic coastlines. It is always with great sadness that we learn of lost vessels and are reminded of the close bond that exists between our fishing communities. Remembering the recent anniversary of the loss of the crewe of the Solway Harvester the small Scottish vessel lost in the Irish Sea off the Manx coast provided a poignant reminder of all such tragedies

Another sad anniversary is that of the Breton trawler Bugaled Breizh (Children of Brittany) on January 15th 2004. The boat went down with the loss of all hands off the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall having set sail from its home port of Loctudy in Brittany. The ship briefly radioed it was sinking in what were at the time good weather conditions. All five of the crew were lost.

The loss of the vessel remains unresolved and relatives and friends continue to seek answers to the tragedy. Not least is the question of submarine activity around our Celtic coastlines. In this case, as with others the Celtic League have been correct to draw attention to this issue, as reported in the item reported in Transceltic recently.

At this time of sadness when remembering the anniversary of the loss of the crew of Bugaled Breizh questions still need to be answered.

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