Rare antique map found in Aberdeen chimney saved

A very rare map that was found stuffed up a chimney during a house renovation in the Scottish city of Aberdeen has been saved. The item was in extremely poor condition and appeared to be a little more than a bundle of rags when discovered. However, the finder suspected it might be something special and gave it to the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh to investigate. Conservation experts set to work in a painstaking and delicate restoration process in what they have described as one of the most complex ever conservation tasks they have undertaken.

It has turned out to be a rare 17th century map of the world dated to around 1690 and was designed by the celebrated Dutch engraver Gerald Valck. When made the map, which measures 7ft by 5ft  (2.2m x1.6m), would have been hung on a wall and been greatly admired and valued. The map has been donated to the National Library of Scotland and although significant sections of the map have been lost, once the conservation work is complete it will again be available to view and study after its remarkable rescue.

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