Protests against Manuel Valls as he visits Brittany

Today (18 Dec) in the Breton City of Brest French Socialist Party Prime Minister Manuel Valls began a visit to Brittany. He was met with demonstrators disgusted with a new law on the territorial organization of the French regions passed by the National Assembly. 

Brittany and Alsace are victims of this legislation. Alsace is merged into the large, new region of Champagne-Ardenne, Lorraine and Alsace, in effect meaning that Alsace itself won't exist anymore as a political or administrative entity. Meanwhile for Brittany, the law confirms the undemocratic separation of its territory, the fifth historical department of Loire-Atlantique and the historical Breton capital of Nantes from the rest the Breton nation.

The deeply unpopular Socialist Party government have driven this legislation forward. They promote an ultra-centralised, anti-regionalist French state, which is happy to stamp on the democratic rights of the people of Alsace and Brittany.Within its ranks are the vast majority of Socialist Party Deputies from Brittany itself. Their actions are viewed as a massive betrayal of the people of Brittany and this needs to reflected in the next elections. It was clearly the anger felt in regard to the behaviour of these deputies that resulted in the Socialist Party offices in Brest being pelted with eggs, milk and flour today.

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