Piran Statute will represent a bond between the Cornish & Breton Nations set in granite!

Stephane Rouget, a Breton Sculptor and his Cornish colleague, David Paton, in Trenoweth Quarry, Mabe today, with the massive slab of Cornish granite which is to become St Piran.

With a millstone of Irish granite from County Mayo, on completion, the statue will be taken to Brittany aboard an old tuna fishing vessel next Summer and erected on a plinth of Breton granite as the 100th statue in the Valley of the Saints.

The statue which will exceed 3.2 metres in height and weigh many tonnes, will underscore the connections between the Celtic Nations of Kernow, Eire and Breizh and will be engraved in the Cornish language.

A concealed flag of Piran, Cornwall's National Saint will fit perfectly into a concealed Breton flag, so cementing forever the ties between Cornwall and Brittany.

Future business ties between Kernow and Breizh are also being examined as the two Nations look increasing outwards together.

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