Over 90 ways to talk about the weather in Manx!

Press release from Culture Vannin:

Over 90 ways to talk about the weather in Manx!

Culture Vannin is pleased to announce the release of over 90 animated Gifs in Manx that relate to our wonderful, variable and often challenging weather.

Developed by Culture Vannin in conjunction with Gráinne Sheard (Yarny Gráinne) who crocheted the original images they were all turned into unique and humorous Gifs by Dianna Villanueva.

Commenting on the new resources, Adrian Cain, the Manx Language Development Officer, for Culture Vannin, said, ‘that we are always looking at developing new and creative ways to engage the public with the language. Crocheted Gifs in Manx about our weather, which is such a favourite topic of conversation here, seemed an appropriate and tongue-in-cheek way to generate enthusiasm about both the language and our Island.’

The Gifs are free to download from the Culture Vannin website at: http://www.culturevannin.im gif_group_496989.html and you can check out the weather forecast in Manx by following the social media feeds from Culture Vannin on Twitter and Instagram at @greinneyder @culturevannin

For more information about the project or the language in general contact Adrian Cain, Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin, on 451098 or at adrian@culturevannin.im

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