Oideas Gael Irish Language Learning Centre - Promoting Gaelic Culture and the Celtic Tongue of Ireland

Located in Southwest Donegal in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht, the village of Gleann Cholm Cille (pictured below) is home to Oideas Gael. Oideas Gael is an Irish-language learning Centre dedicated to the Irish language and culture.  Promoting Gaelic culture and the Celtic tongue of Ireland since 1984, over the past 30 years thousands of participants have enjoyed the varied language and cultural courses at Oideas Gael.

Irish people, drawn from all backgrounds, constitute up to half of those attending, while the remainder travel especially from numerous other parts of the world to attend. Oideas Gael has attracted much national and international media attention with its unique blend of expertly prepared courses, an attractive mix of cultural sessions, all located within Gaeltacht communities, enable learners to improve their fluency in Irish while, at the same time, enjoying the thriving culture of the Irish speaking environment of the Gaeltacht.

Oideas Gael offer a full array of Irish Language courses for learners at all levels.  The courses are offered in the stunning Donegal coastal town of Gleann Cholm Cille in the heart of the Gaeltacht.  In addition to Irish Language courses the Institute offers activities such as Hill Walking, lessons in Irish Flute and Whistle and Bodhran Drums. 

Oideas Gael offer a unique opportunity to explore the Gleann Cholm Cille (The Valley of St Columba) and the nearby valleys in southwest Donegal which contain some of the most interesting prehistoric and early historic structures in Ireland (some would argue, in Europe). Monuments from the early Neolithic (c. 4000BC) onwards are dotted across this beautiful and informative landscape; among them the huge dolmens at Malinmore and the great court-tombs at Clochán Mór and Farranmacbride.

The objectives of Oideas Gael are summarized as follows and are taken from the institute’s web page as are portions of the above text.  As an alternative to the graded language courses, a broad range of cultural activity programmes is offered to participants interested in experiencing a unique style of learning holiday.

·         To provide for adult Irish language learners, enabling them to learn enjoyably and efficiently.

·         To participate in the daily life of the Gaeltacht. To promote the Irish language and its literature.

·         To promote relationships between people of Gaelic background and interests worldwide.

·         To promote relations between Gaeltacht people and the rest of Ireland through the language.

·         To bring together people of all cultural and political backgrounds through the medium of Irish.

Foras Cultúir Uladh (The Ulster Cultural Institute), with its custom-designed facilities, including wireless broadband (free to course participants), is used by Oideas Gael in Gleann Cholm Cille as the venue for its varied activities and caters for the specific needs of language learners and the special requirements of the cultural programme.

Oideas Gael, Gleann Cholm Cille, County Donegal, Ireland

Telephone+353 (0)74 97 30 248, E-mailoideasgael@eircom.net, Facebookfacebook.com/oideas.gael



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