Newsnight: Welsh language coverage prompts petition

Welsh language comes under attack in the BBC Newsnight programme and in this article in YN COMMMEEYS CELTIAGH - CELTIC NEWS MANNIN it reports that the unfair coverge has prompted a petition:

Newsnight: Welsh language coverage prompts a petition

Concern over a BBC Newsnight programme on the Welsh language and proposed changes has led to the launch of an on-line petition.

The initiator of the petition Huw Marshas says:

“Tonight on the day the Welsh Government published a white paper on the future of the Welsh language BBC's flagship current affairs programme Newsnight posed the question "is the Welsh language a help or hindrance to the nation ", this was followed up in an item where the presenter suggested the Welsh language was a hobby and invited a contribution from an individual with a long track record of trolling the Welsh language. A review would enable the preparation of a documented audit of all items relating to the Welsh language and would be able to establish if indeed there is an issue with regards how the Welsh language is portrayed and to assess what editorial systems are in place to ensure editorial fairness.”

You can sign the petition at this link:…/request-an-independent-revie…


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