New UK Culture Secretary’s Hostility to Devolution is a Warning Scotland Needs to Vote Yes to Independence

After the recent expenses scandal in the UK government, the minister involved resigned. For those abroad and not aware of the issues involved, the expenses claimed by members of the United Kingdom parliament over recent years have been the focal point of public scrutiny and criminal prosecutions. Questions about the previous UK Culture Ministers expenses claims resulted in her stepping down from her position this week.

However, the result of the present scandal has an additional and very unpleasant twist. It is one that particularly needs to be noted by those seeking the creation of a separate Cornish assembly and enhanced powers for the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament. It is the new minister who has been brought in to fill the position of Culture Minister, Sajid Jaward. Particularly given his views on devolution expressed in a 2010 political debate when he said that he thought devolution was “nothing short of political vandalism”.

These views should ring alarm bells for those considering in which way to vote in the forthcoming vote in Scotland’s Independence Referendum. Many considering voting No have said that they might do so but in the hope of increased powers for the present Scottish Parliament even if it remains within the United Kingdom. This new appointment and other indications make it increasingly clear that there will be a heavy price to pay for Scotland if a No vote wins in the referendum with no increased powers for the Scottish Parliament.

It is becoming more obvious that the only way to get the powers the people of Scotland need to create a decent prosperous country is to vote Yes. The No campaign has been identified with negative campaigning peppered with threats and scares. The UK government has never had the interests of Scotland in mind and this new minister Sajid Javid’s attitude to devolution is a clear warning to Scottish voters that only a Yes vote to independence will be in Scotland’s best interests.



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