New pro-independence Scottish daily newspaper The National

Having experienced the dreadful deluge of anti-independence propaganda that spilled from newspapers and the BBC during the Scottish referendum campaign it is clearly high time to try and redress the balance. This being the case a pilot has been started with the aim of launching new pro-independence daily national newspaper for Scotland - The National. 

The only newspaper to actively support Scottish independence during the campaign for a Yes vote was the Sunday Herald and the The National will be its daily sister paper. The stance that the Sunday Herald took has seen a rise in their circulation of 111%. At the same time, post the referendum, the Scottish National Party has seen a huge increase in membership and a surge in support in opinion polls. It also has to be remembered that a number of social media sites played a pivotal role in gaining the 45% vote in favour of Independence that was delivered, including Wings over Scotland and newsnetscotland.

Details about The National newspaper are found here

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