New Poll Now Shows Scottish Independence within Touching Distance

A new opinion poll commissioned by the Daily Record  shows the Yes and No to Scottish independence vote is now within touching distance. The Survation poll has sent the anti-independence campaign and its supporters in the English based media into a spin. The new poll shows support for independence up two points when compared to a similar one four weeks ago, while support against has dipped by three. This puts Yes on 39% with No on 44%. Stripping out those who are undecided, the poll has Yes on 47% and No on 53%.

However, voting intentions of Scottish voters are reversed if they think the Conservatives will win the next UK election. Asked for their views if David Cameron remains PM, most said they would vote Yes - 44% - against 38% who would vote No.  This would give the Yes campaign a 54% v 46% lead with undecided stripped out.  This partly explains British Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to enter into a head to head debate with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond. It is also becoming increasingly clear that he fears losing such a debate when the issues are put fairly before Scotland’s electorate.

Meanwhile expect some more hysterical anti-independence media reporting in the weeks leading up to Scotland’s referendum vote. Already there are signs that they are becoming ever more frustrated that their attempts to try and push voters towards a No vote is failing. This includes the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) whose reputation in Scotland is now in tatters given the view held by many that they have failed to remain neutral and shown continued bias against the pro-independence campaign. 


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