New Dinosuar Named In Honour Of Welsh National Symbol

Having now been fully analysed, scientists have confirmed that remains of a new dog sized predator belong to a new dinosaur species. The bones were found in South Wales encased in sedimentary rock dating back 200 million years to the beginning of the Jurassic period. Drawing on the national symbol of Wales, Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon), the new species has been named Dracoraptor hanigani. A name which also reflects fossil hunters Nick and Rob Hanigan who found the remains. The skeleton is now on display at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff (Amgueddfa Cymru).

There are a number of versions of how the red dragon has become the symbol of Wales. In one such story it has been associated with Arthurian legend and the wizard Merlin (Myrddin). Merlin prophesied to King Vortigern (Welsh: Gwrtheyrn) of Wales that the red dragon, being the symbol of the Celts, would defeat the white dragon which was the symbol of the Saxon invaders. The Saxons would then be driven from the land.

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