NATO: Joint Warrior Exercise GPS Jamming Concerns


There is concern that jamming of GPS during the NATO Joint Warrior (JW 15-2) exercise which starts this weekend could pose a danger.

The major land, sea and air exercise will be one of the largest held for several years and ships, submarines and aircraft are already gathering ahead of the official exercise start time on Monday 5th October.

During the first stage of the exercise (JW 15-1) in April a Co Down fishing vessel was snagged by a Royal Navy submarine (although it was several weeks before responsibility was admitted).

This next phase of the exercise will also see major submarine activity and anti-submarine warfare aircraft from the US, France, Germany and Canada will be based at RAF Loussiemouth in Scotland to hone their skills (the US contingent has already arrived).

The GPS jamming as part of the exercise is an added risk and jamming stations in both the North and West of Scotland will be active from Oct 5th – 16th according to a precautionary notice issued by UK regulator Ofcom.

Some years ago (2011) a similar GPS jamming exercise had to be stopped because of safety concerns voiced by Scottish fishermen.

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