Mass demonstration in Catalonia demands referendum on independence

As reported by the Catalan News Agency a mass demonstration has taken place in Barcelona calling for the right to vote on independence for Catalonia. With less than a week to go until Scotland's referendum on independence Catalan's demonstrated today in their hundreds of thousands to demand that their own referendum is recognised by the Spanish government. A sea of Catalan flags and people dressed in its colours of red and yellow filled the streets of Barcelona tonight. The demonstrators assembled in Gran Via and Avenida Diagonal and seen from the air formed a large V shape which symbolised Catalonia's demand for a vote.

In Catalonia there is a vote on independence planned for November. However, the Spanish government has stated that they will not allow the vote to go ahead! However, this mass demonstration of nearly 2 million people, clearly shows the strength of feeling in favour of separation from Spain and the campaign is intensifying. Speaking today Catalan President Artur Mas said "The message is: We want to vote. We are a nation. We want to decide our own political future".

Spain is burying its head in the sand if they think that they can stop the desire of the Catalan people for independence. Quite rightly they are demanding the right that has been given to the people of Scotland - to vote for the right to become independent.

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