Manx General Election: Chamber of Commerce ‘Self Appointed Economic Guardians Of The State’

News from the Mannin Branch Celtic League:

The Chamber of Commerce were to the fore recently issuing entreaties about voting wisely to the hoi polloi. The reaction was so hostile that the admin side of the IOMToday Comments section had to ‘ride to the rescue’ and effectively damp down criticism.

The Chamber also helpfully has a section on its web pages providing advice for us ‘thicko’s’ amongst the electorate as to the sort of questions we should press candidates on if any pop up on our doorsteps.

The link is here:…/General-Election-Questions.p…

I couldn’t help noticing that tucked away in the turgid meanderings about ‘economic success’, ‘growth’, ‘reducing bureaucracy’ etc was this little entreaty which should more honestly be labelled - we want a ready supply of cheap labour:

“To support a sustainable economy and maintain the quality of life we all enjoy, we need vibrant retail, hospitality and leisure sectors. What initiatives would you propose to protect and develop them during this difficult economic climate and chronic shortage of labour?”

It of course focuses on the need for us to ‘maintain the quality of life’ the trouble is that many of the people who ‘skivvy’ or ‘wait on table’ for the Chamber of Commerce glitterati don’t have much quality of life on zero hour contracts and a minimum wage.

Of course one of the things which would improve things is the law of supply and demand i.e. if the work force in these sectors was smaller wages would rise as firms had to compete to get the staff they needed.

However this is not part of the Chamber’s plan hence the reference to ‘shortage of labour’. The Chamber want the so-called retail and leisure sector well stacked with fresh ‘proles’ so that their members can enjoy the ‘leisure’ while you work your balls of.

As you may have detected by now I’m sick of the condescending superiority and the ‘we know best’ attitude of these self appointed economic guardians of the State – and I’m only just starting!

Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

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