Manx General Election 2016: 'Stand Up For Nature' Says Manx Wildlife Trust

With the Isle of Man's General Election taking place on September 22nd 2016 the Manx Wildlife Trust (Manx: Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin) has called on prospective MHK's to make a stand for the environment. The election is for the The House of Keys (Manx: Y Chiare as Feed), which is the Lower Branch of the Isle of Man parliament, Tynwald (Manx: Tinvaal).  The Trust has said that: 'we are fortunate that here on the Isle of Man we have a wealth of natural spaces that form an important part of our heritage and everyday lives. Our Island's wildlife needs champions to protect it. Together through our collective voice we can all stand up for nature. This General Election, the Trust has highlighted three areas that our prospective MHKs can pursue to make sure all our lives stay a little bit wild.'

The three areas emphasised by the Trust are 'Save Our Wetlands' - identifying wildlife sites and working with farmers to manage wetlands and secure them for generations to come. 'More Wild Lives' -  protecting nature and green spaces. 'Sustaining Our Living Seas' - with 87% of Manx territory made up of seas the need to protect marine life is seen as crucial. 

These positive calls for the protection of Manx culture, heritage and the environment are welcome at this time. Particularly when contrasted with what many point to as greed based self interest groups who are calling for mass population increases and the inevitable environmental and cultural destruction that will follow. One such organisation that has been under criticism for being seen to advocate such policies is the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce. The present Manx government has been condemned by many on the Island for having a damagingly close relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and giving it far too much influence.

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