Manx Gaelic Resurgence Continues to Gain International Recognition

The remarkable success story in the growth in the fortunes of the Manx Gaelic Language has been the subject of international interest for a number of years. This continues with the visit to the Island of Peter Muhlhausler, professor of liguistics at the University of Adelaide, Australia. As reported in 'IOM Today' Peter Muhlhauser has a particular interest in the language and people of Norfolk Island in the Pacific. Norfolk Island has a historical link with the Isle of Man having been settled by people from Pitcairn Island. Pitcairn Island was where a number of Manx mutineers from 'The Bounty' settled after the famous mutiny on the ship in 1789. Fletcher Christian, master mate on the Bounty, was of Manx descent and seized command of the ship from Lieutenant William Bligh.

Professor Muhlhausler will deliver the 2013 Ned Maddrell Lecture at the Stable Building of the University Centre, The Nunnery,  Douglas, Isle of Man on 14 September at 3pm.