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Media release from Culture Vannin:

Culture Vannin welcomes James Franklin to its team as Online and Educational Resources Officer. James is well-known in Manx circles for his volunteer work for Rushen Heritage Trust’s online presence, and the development of , a website which celebrates and makes available the literature of the Isle of Man.

Born and raised in Glen Mona, Maughold, James holds degrees in philosophy from the Universities of Manchester and King’s College London. Before joining Culture Vannin, he was involved in online and educational dissemination as Communications Manager of London’s oldest Higher Education institution, Gresham College.

James will be creating and developing online and educational resources relating to all aspects of Manx culture and studies, working closely with the Department of Education, as well as with the general public. Over the coming months a large amount of exciting new material will be developed to cover many aspects of the Island’s culture and history: traditional customs, vintage transport, community events, military history, endangered architecture and more. James takes over from Charles Guard, who retired at the end of March.

Director of Culture Vannin, Dr Breesha Maddrell, commented: “We are excited to have James join our small team. By presenting stories in new and engaging ways, he will help widen access to the unique value of our distinct Manx culture, a culture which is constantly evolving.”

Find out more about the online archives James will be managing on:

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