Mannin: Media Overload And The Vanishing Voters


With concerns being voiced about the amount of air time being given to Allan Bell (Manx Chief Minister) virtually on a daily basis on the National Radio station rumours abound that MTTV Manx Telecom TV) may be trying to recruit redoubtable North Korean TV anchorwoman Ri Chun Hui who recently retired (see her in action in the Youtube video below).

If successful MTTV will really steal a march on their rivals on Douglas Head and certainly liven up that CMs end of the week briefing. With the greatest of respect to Paul Moulton we believe Ri has the edge presentationally.

Meanwhile Allan Bell has announced a ‘root and branch review’ of the electoral system after the astonishing admission that approx 13000 have disappeared of the election roll.

At this rate should he stand again Allan Bell should be able to emulate North Koreas Kim Jong Un who won 100% of the popular vote in last years ‘elections’ in that country.

We understand however there are no plans as yet to change the Isle of Man Chief Minister title to ‘Dear Leader’!

Seriously, media overload and vanishing voters it really is time to worry about our ‘democracy’!


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