London Manx Society hold a successful annual Mhelliah Thanksgiving Service

On Monday 6th October in St Bride's Church in London's Fleet Street another successful Mhelliah was held by the London Manx Society (Yn Cheshaght Vanninagh Lunnin). The service was led by St Bride's Lay Preacher David Smith. Readings were in both Manx and English, including The Lords Prayer (Padjyr y Chairn) recited in Manx by Maisie Sell and the annual Tynwald Day prayer read by Mary Weller. Traditional Manx hymns were sung with music provided by another Society member, Margaret Brady.

The Service was very well attended as was the lunch provided afterwards in a nearby local tavern. In the speeches at the lunch particular mention was made to the memory of Mona Douglas. Mona died on 8th October 1987 and on this the twenty-seventh anniversary of her death her contribution to Manx culture was acknowledged by the London Manx Society. As a Manx cultural activist her writing and collection of Manx folklore, dance and music has left a strong and lasting legacy to the Manx Nation. Alastair Kneale President of London Manx Society (Yn Cheshaght Vanninagh Lunnin) thanked everyone for coming to the event and all of the work members continue to undertake to keep the Society going from strength to strength.


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