Labour pays the price for treachery in Scotland

The British Labour Party in Scotland is in turmoil. The leader of the Scottish Labour Party Johann Lamont has stood down. There is a wave of internal self-recrimination within this deeply flawed political party. It is all deserved. The act of treachery perpetrated by the Scottish Labour Party, who sided with the Conservatives to stab Scotland in the back during the Scottish referendum campaign, came as no surprise to many. After all they have been kicking the Scottish working class voters who have been loyally voting for them in the teeth for years. People are now seeing through this deceit as witnessed by the fall in support for Labour in their tradional heartlands in Scotland.

Now Scottish Labour is in meltdown. These so called socialists (and of course they are not at all socialist) are no friends of the Celts. It is reflected in the behaviour of similar such parties in regard to other Celtic nations. Look at the atrocious behaviour of the Welsh Labour Party who have presided over one of the poorest nations within the European Union and have done nothing to deliver equality to the people of Wales. Look at the PS (Parti socialiste) in Brittany who have actively been undermining the the drive for the reunification of that nation. Look at the Irish Labour Party which is the junior party in coalition government with Fine Gael in Ireland. A government that that is now imposing vicious water charges on the poorest members of Irish society. A government that has also by its actions been discriminating against the Irish language.

So there will be no tears shed at the demise of the Scottish Labour Party. 

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