Labour Party set to be driven out of Scotland as opinion polls show massive swing to SNP

The swing away from the Labour Party towards the SNP (Scottish National Party) ahead of the UK General Election on May 7th continues to gain momentum. The days when the Labour Party could arrogantly depend on votes from their old Scottish heartlands has gone. Deservedly so, because Scottish Labour has shown itself to be no more than minor branch of the London based Labour Party. They have proven themselves to have absolutely no loyalty whatsoever to Scotland. Their treacherous anti-independence stance during last years Scottish independence referendum exposed Labour for the deceitful organisation that they have become. They joined with the Conservative and Liberal Democrats in the so called 'Better Together' grouping in a campaign riddled with half truths and downright lies that they presented to the Scottish voters as facts. Now they are set to be punished by the voters of Scotland. There is a very strong feeling amongst many Scottish people that Labour now needs to be driven out of Scotland.

Not that the Conservatives or Lib-Dem's can take any satisfaction in Labour's collapse in Scotland. The latest Lord Ashcroft Polls released on March 4th also puts them in a perilous position. There is now a distinct possibility that the Conservative Party will lose their one and only elected representative to the UK Parliament from Scotland and the Lib-Dem's face annihilation. All of this puts the SNP in a very strong position should the UK election vote go the way predicted by the polls. A large group of SNP MP's can only be good for Scotland as they will act in the best interests of Scotland. Their influence will also be increased if, as also predicted, the UK General Election leaves no one political Party with an overall majority.  

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