Labour Join with English Establishment in Propaganda and Smear Campaign Against Scottish National Party

It is a remarkable example of how low the Labour Party will stoop in it's campaign of lies against the Scottish National Party. Now Labour has been caught out and scored an amazing own goal in joining with the British establishment run media in a false smear campaign against the leader of the SNP and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.  The smear campaign has to be one of the crudest and obviously false ones in recent years - and given the very anti-Scottish London controlled media that really is saying something.

Here is the story that they have been peddling and it's utter falseness is very obvious.  It claims that Nicola Sturgeon said to the French Ambassador that she would prefer the Conservatives to win the United Kingdom General Election which takes place on May 7th. The source is a senior British civil servant, who allegedly reported that a consul-general told him that an Ambassador reported that Nicola Sturgeon made the comments at a meeting in February. So lets trace the line of this fourth hand story. Firstly Nicola Sturgeon was claimed to have said it. Secondly the French ambassador reported her comment. Thirdly the consul-general repeated it. Then last but not not least the civil servant – who actually said the story was doubtful reported it and it was fed to the London controlled media!

Now we have Nicola Sturgeon saying the story is not true, backed up by French embassy sources who also state that when the Scottish First Minister met the French Ambassador no such a conversation took place. Needless to say this has not prevented the anti-Scottish British controlled media peddling this false story (including the BBC). Then you have the idiotic and moronic Ed Miliband, who is the leader of the British Labour Party, describing this obvious nonsense as "Damning Revelations"! Well - what the real revelation is here is just how totally untrustworthy the Labour Party is and how low they will stoop in peddling lies.

The real reason for this smear campaign, which has been so readily adopted by the Labour Party, is the fear of the phenomenal increase in support that the Scottish National Party are enjoying in the opinion polls in Scotland. It also comes after a live UK wide political leaders debate on British television. One in which Nicola Sturgeon was widely acclaimed to have been the strongest performer. It is clear that the British establishment is severely rattled by the success of the Scottish National Party. 

This story is a campaign to smear and undermine the SNP but it will fail. However, the question now is who in the British Civil Service wrote a false account of a conversation between Nicola Sturgeon and the French Ambassador. A meeting, by the way, in which the Civil Servant was not present, and then released it to a right wing Conservative Party supporting newspaper. As for the Labour Party? Well they have just made complete fools of themselves and further discredited themselves with the Scottish electorate.

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