The Irish Language Revival In Northern Ireland

Multiple press reports are citing the growing strength of the Irish tongue in Northern Ireland.  In the latest example of the Gaelic resurgence in this at times troubled part of the Celtic Homelands is the opening of a new Irish Centre in East Belfast.  The headlines accompanying the articles on the newly opened centre of Gaelic instruction, which has received unusual recognition given the size of the new facility, may reveal more about the symbolic significance of the event than the details of the opening of the Irish Language venue at the Skainos Centre in East Belfast.

"Growing Appetite Among Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist People To Learn Irish Language, Says Wife Of Former Progressive Unionist Party Leader - Demand For Language 'Soaring' In East Belfast" - Belfast Telegraph

" Loyalists Line Up To Learn Irish Language As Centre Opens In East Belfast" - The Irish Post.  

" Irish Language Courses Are Booming In Loyalist Heartland of East Belfast, New Centre Caters For Growing Demand For Native Tongue "- Irish Central

"Loyalists Line Up To Learn Cupla Focail At Language Classes In heart Of East Befast" - Irish Times

Perhaps in the long term that about what we should not speak will be swept away by our shared dedication to the language and culture of those who have gone before us. This can only be be viewed with delight by we who are dedicated to the restoration of the Gaelic tongue to its rightful place in Ireland.

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