Irish Army General Assumes Lebanon UN Head Of Mission Role

News from the Celtic League:

A Major General of the Irish Army has assumed the Head of Mission and Force Commander role for the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

Speaking at a ceremony yesterday to mark the event Irelands Minister with responsibility for Defence, Paul Kehoe TD, said:

“Major General Beary will bring extensive command and peacekeeping experience to the post and I have no doubt but that he will serve with distinction in this important position. It has been thirty years since an Irish person has held this post and I want to warmly congratulate him and his family on this great occasion.”

The Minister went on to say “I expect that he will be a source of inspiration and guidance for the personnel under his command and that he will maintain and enhance Ireland’s reputation abroad in this new role.”

The full press release can be found on the Department of Defence pages at this link:…/R…/2EDF1E196684F30980257FF5004D854F…

Irish troops have played a prominent role in UN peacekeeping since the 1960s when the first troops were deployed to the Congo (see note below).

The current role in Lebanon’s commenced almost forty years ago in 1978. The peacekeeping role by the Irish forces has not been without incident and 47 have died in Lebanon alone. The most nefarious deaths occurred in the At Tiri incident in 1980 in which three men died. A leading figure allegedly involved in those deaths is currently on trial in Lebanon (links):

Irish Defence forces troops have served the UN in 14 countries and on four continents including Africa (Congo and Chad), the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria and Sinai), Europe (Bosnia and Kosovo) and S E Asia (East Timor) a total of 86 personnel have been killed.

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Footnote: A feature film to be released shortly will feature the Irish Defence of Jadotville in the Congo when a small band of UN peacekeepers held of a much larger force for six days. The film stars the actor Jamie Dornan.

Illustration: Irish Army patrol in Lebanon

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