Ireland: Calls for creation of Hill of Tara National Park

There have been calls for the Hill of Tara zone to be declared a National Park in addition to a National Monument. The Hill of Tara (Irish: Teamhair na Rí) in County Meath is an important archaeological complex that contains a number of ancient monuments and was according to tradition, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. There has been an ongoing campaign to save the prehistoric site from continued damage sustained over many years and prevent further destruction. It has been included in the 15 must-see endangered cultural treasures in the world by the Smithsonian Institution. There is an interesting article in the independent media website An Sionnach Fionn or “The White Fox”. This is an independent media website featuring Irish republican commentary on national and international news, politics, history and culture.  The article 'HOLY WELLS AND A PROPOSED HILL OF TARA NATIONAL MONUMENT AND PARK' points to the benefits of the Hill of Tara zone being declared a National Park and measures that can be undertaken to enhance the site.

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