Invisible Man About To Disappear - Now Time To Scrap Ridiculous Institution of Lieutenant Governor of The Isle of Man

Adam Wood is about to finish his term as  Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man. Many Manx people would be forgiven for not having a clue who he is. Certainly he has been rarely seen out in public since he took the position in 2011. The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of the British monarch, who acts as the Manx head of state. The Isle of Man is an internally self-governing Crown Dependency. In reality the Lieutenant Governor represents the interests of a foreign power, the United Kingdom, in its colonial possession the Isle of Man (Mannin).

Now, as the almost invisible present incumbent, Adam Wood, fades away completely,  it is also time get rid of this ridiculous institution. There may be a few obsequious Manx  and homesick English immigrants who will miss it. But it has no place on Mannin, which should now move the short step needed to complete national independence as a sovereign state. 

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