Indy Option Raised By Manx Council of Ministers Member

News from the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League:

A Manx government Minister has said the post BREXIT all options including independence should be considered.

Phillip Gawne MHK (Transport Minister) said:

‘We will have to start thinking the unthinkable. We need to consider all the options now including breaking link with what’s left of the UK!’

Mr Gawne who was once a member of Mec Vannin has recently reaffirmed his nationalist principles in a number of statements. He also and met with groups including Mec Vannin some months ago to outline his vision of ‘new politics’ for the Island.

It’s unclear how representative Gawne’s views are but is understood other COMIN (Council of Ministers) colleague are also of a ‘nationalist lite’ persuasion although the Chief Minister, Allan Bell recently rewarded with a UK honour and also a former Mec Vannin member recently discounted talk of independence.

A major factor now however may be events in Scotland (and to a lesser extent the North of Ireland) it may be less the Isle of Man needing to ‘leave’ the UK and rather a post Brexit break-up.

More die-hard nationalists meanwhile will be bemused by Mr Gawne’s choice of the words ‘start thinking the unthinkable’ perhaps a better phrase would have been ‘start thinking realistically’!

Image: Minister Phillip Gawne being interviewed at the national Illiam Dhone commemoration.

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