Images of St Piran's Day - 5th March, 2016

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St Piran's Day is becoming a huge celebration in Cornwall and this year, the annual Feast Day fell on the day itself, Saturday the 5th March, 2016.

Originally the patron of tinners, Piran has now become widely accepted as the National Saint of Cornwall and his black flag with a white cross is widely seen even now outside of official government offices in the Duchy.

Enormous numbers took to the streets of Cornwall but the Cornish diaspora worldwide also joined in the event.

'Kernow Matters to Us' were flooded with greetings of 'Degol Piran Lowen' - Happy Piran's Feastday - on its Facebook site from around the globe, Australia to Canada, the USA to Mexico, Ireland to France, New Zealand to South Africa and just about every point in between!

At 9pm on Piran's Day evening, well over 100 pubs across Cornwall fell silent for a moment and then thousands joined in the 'Trelawny Shout' - a massed singing of the ever popular Cornish anthem, 'Trelawny'.

With the rumour that according to the most recent survey, 2015 figures show 53% of schoolchildren in Cornwall registering as being of Cornish ethnicity, matters are looking bright for the Cornish people.

A collage of photographs from across Cornwall shows the sheer size the celebration of St. Piran has become.

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