Happy Beltane From Transceltic

Today, the first day of May is the Festival of Beltane. This ancient Celtic Feast Day is the third Feast day of the Celtic year. Beltane celebrates the fertility and optimism associated with the beginning of the growing season. The other Celtic Festivals of the Celtic Year, which fall every three months, are Samhain (Halloween) celebrated on 1st November, Imbolg which is the Feast day of the Celtic Goddess Brigid celebrated on 1st February, Beltane and Lughnasa, the Celtic Feast of the harvest, celebrated on 1st August. 

Unique amongst the Four Celtic Feast days, Beltane observances have survived in essentially archaic form due in part to its simplicity in that the celebrations historically included the lighting of bonfires. Elements of the tradition have survived into modern times throughout the Six Nations with remnants of the ancient customs surviving into the 20th century in Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland and the Isle of Man (MacKillop).  As the Pan-Celtic movement continues to strengthen, Beltane is experiencing resurgence.

Happy Beltane from Transceltic!





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