Growing Alarm in London Over Scotland's Vote on Independence

The English newspaper "The Telegraph", the principal mouthpiece of the British establishment, reports under the headline "Real Danger of Scottish Independence Says Cabinet Minister" on increasing apprehension in Whitehall at the prospect of an independent Scotland. 

Scottish Minister for the British Government, Alistair Carmichael, is quoted by The Telegraph, "Large numbers of undecided voters and complacency amongst pro-union camp means referendum could be very, very close."  Carmichael goes on to say, " I think there are people all over the country who kind of take the existence of the Union for granted. What we've got to get across is that this is a very real danger to the future of the United Kingdom".  Of course there is a growing chorus who would say  that a "No" vote on independence on September 18, 2014 would pose a very real danger to the Celtic Nation of Scotland.

Carmichael cites the history of voting in Scottish elections and the unusually large number of undecided voters: "There is an enormous number, maybe even up to a third, of people saying they are still undecided. If you look back at the situation before the 2011 Scottish elections, a similar figure were undecided. At the end of the day they all went for the Scottish National Party (SNP). If that happens again and those people go for independence this becomes very, very close."   

Meanwhile the website for "The Scotsman" reports on the pending release by the SNP of the roadmap for the formal seperation of Scotland from the United Kingdom. The article cites irony in the fact that the proposed Scottish Independence Day of March 26, 2016 not only will be the date that the current Scottish Parliament ends but is also the same date that the Union of the Two Crowns took place in 1603 and the same date that the Act of Union was signed in 1707:  

The Independence Day plans are contained in the Scottish Government's long awaited 670 page White Paper which will be published in a blaze of publicity on Tuesday at Glasgow's Science Centre. Writing in Scotland on Sunday today, Salmon's Secretary (First Minister Alex Salmond) Nicola Sturgeon says the White Paper will be the most comprehensive and detailed document of it's kind ever produced.


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