Global support grows for Native American fight against oil industry

News from the Celtic League:

We reported recently on the standoff between Native Americans and there supporters over the construction of a major pipeline from South Dakota to Canada (link):

The protests are attracting global attention and have become increasingly violent with most of the violence instigated by security staff and police.

The situation has a disturbing resonance with the situation that pertained in North Mayo when Shell constructed a gas pipeline there and both police and the military were deployed to smash opposition from local people (link):

Like Mayo the Dakota protests are attracting global support and todays National (Scotland) carries a report of concerns raised by an SNP MP Martin Doherty-Hughes (link):…/14927125.SNP_MP_Martin_Doch…/…

It is to be hoped that the Dakota protests will ultimately prove more successful than the opposition in Mayo which has both divided and traumatised the local community and whose consequences will remain long after Shell has extracted the last dollar of profit from Ireland’s offshore resources.

Image: During the Mayo anti-pipeline protests the Irish Government even deployed naval forces against its own people – report at the link below:

Public Relations Officer Mannin Branch

Issued by: The Mannin branch of the Celtic League.


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