Gaelic with a Glasgow accent

The Scottish government's support for the Gaelic language has seen a big rise in speakers of that language in Glasgow. This reflects a growing trend in other parts of Scotland. Glasgow Gaelic School currently has 505 primary pupils, 237 secondary pupils and almost 60 nursery children – and the numbers are increasing every year. Plans for a second Gaelic school in the South Side to cater for 200 children have been announced with work due to start in 2015. There has been a significant rise in the number of children whose entire school day is spent talking in Gaelic. 

It is not only amongst the young that these increases are taking place. The number of adult learners is also on the increase and small Gaelic speaking businesses have developed. Glasgow is noted for a strong and distinctive accent and this seems to be reflected in the Gaelic being spoken in Glasgow. Many people have introduced their own distinctive style of pronunciation into the language. It has been described as Gaelic with a Glasgow accent and this further demonstrates how people see it as a growing living language that belongs within their community.

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