Future of Welsh Language In Education - Debate Rages on Proposal That a Third of State Funded Curriculum be Taught in Welsh

Reflecting the recent surge in support for the Welsh language, The Welsh Language Society (Cymdeithas Yr Laith Gymraeg) have called for the status of Welsh in education to be upgraded to that of a language of instruction in various subjects rather than its current status of merely being taught as a second language. The proposal demands that classes be taught in a way that ensures "..minimum of one-third of the curriculum through the medium of Welsh in all schools.." Robin Farrar, chair of the Society has forcefully asserted, "We should aim for every pupil to be fluent and able to use the language in day-to-day life, so the term 'second language' is no longer appropriate."

Wales On Line reports: "A row has blown up over a plan by language activists that would see all pupils in Wales having at least a third of the school curriculum taught in Welsh."  This proposal, if accepted, would be a major boost to the future health of  Welsh  as it would require vastly improved  Welsh language proficiency of teaching staff at all levels and subject areas.   
Significantly, the proposal profoundly upgrades the  status of Welsh instruction. Currently Welsh is treated the same as French or Spanish and is taught only as a second language rather than a language of instruction in various subjects.  Acivists charge that it is unacceptabele for Welsh not to enjoy the same status as English as the medium of instruction.