Fukushima Nuclear Cover-Up: Well Nothing Has Changed In 60 Years!

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Only weeks after the Fukushima disaster in Japan the British nuclear industry said it had learned lessons.

Well we learned something new this week and that was that the operators of the stricken Japanese plant were less than frank about the nature of the disaster and this week they had to apologise for the ‘cover-up’ (see link):


So when the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) in the United Kingdom did there initial post disaster assessment and concluded:

“An interim assessment of the implications of the nuclear crisis in Japan concludes there is no need to curtail the operations of nuclear plants in the UK but lessons should be learnt.”

Did they have the full picture? Here’s what ONR said at the time and they do not allude to any lack of candour on the part of the Fukushima plant operators:


Mind you the United Kingdom nuclear power industry have a track record of covering things up themselves let’s face it they never ever really came clean about ‘the experiment’. I mentioned that in a post recently it was where to use the words of one of the scientists involved John Dunster:

‘Discharges [from Sellafield] have been deliberately maintained. . . high enough to obtain detectable levels in samples of fish, seaweed and shore sand, and the experiment is still proceeding. In 1956 the rate of discharge of radioactivity was deliberately increased, partly to dispose of unwanted wastes, but principally to yield better experimental data.’

In other words they poisoned the Irish Sea and measured the impact on the people and environment. Of course Dunster did tell other scientists at a conference in 1958 in Geneva but no one ever told the public or consulted them at the time and it was almost twenty five years before some detail was revealed.

The nuclear industry globally is famous for ‘cock-ups’ and ‘cover ups’ and the Fukushima revelations reveal little has changed.

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Image; Disaster workers at Fukushima - the real heroes of the tragedy.

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