European Referendum Further Proof That Scotland Needs To Be Independent

Even though the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, the vote in Scotland taken separately was a majority in favour to remain.  Now Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister has embarked on a bid to keep Scotland within the European Union and in doing so has secured a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. Nicola Sturgeon had already confirmed talks with European Parliament President Martin Schulz as well as Liberal group leader Guy Verhofstadt. Yesterday Guy Verhofstadt said that there was ‘no big obstacle’ to an independent Scotland joining the EU.

The key to that response was 'an independent Scotland'. The fact remains that although Scotland has friends in Europe there are also many in other European nations who would hate the idea of Scottish Independence. They actively called on people to vote against Independence during the Scottish Independence vote in 2014. They did so because they feared the boost this would give to those within their own borders who were seeking greater autonomy or independence.

It is likely that this opposition to Scotland becoming independent would continue in certain European countries. Italy, Spain, France and others have demands from those within their own borders who seek independence in order to protect their own heritage, traditions and culture. Who see independence, as Scotland does, as a way of securing economic prosperity in the future. Spain for example continues to deny the right of Catalonia to hold a referendum on Independence and still holds Basque separatists in prison. Their hostility to Scottish Independence is likely to continue because they know it will encourage those with similar aspirations.

The present Brexit vote in the United Kingdom is further proof that Scotland needs to be independent as the only way it can determine its own future. The same would have been true if the the rest of the United Kingdom had voted to stay in the European Union and Scotland had voted to leave. The point is that a nation has the right to govern itself in the best interests of its people. If in doing so it encourages other minority nations to follow their example then that is a good thing.


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