Dog found after days lost in snow and freezing temperatures of Glen Coe in Scotland

A dog named Kobe that had been lost for days in snow and freezing conditions in Glen Coe (Scottish Gaelic: Gleann Comhann) in the Highlands of Scotland has been found. His owner, David Parry from Glasgow (Glaschu), had been with friends in the glen along with Kobe and another dog, Echo, when Kobe went missing. They are part of Scotland's Team AKobE Marathon Community. This a group that encourages and provides access to free marathons for solo runners and canicross teams. Canicross is a sport involving cross country running with dogs, which are attached to a person and run in a team.

A search managed to initially track the dog across a snow-covered moor. However, when forced to abandon their efforts, David Parry posted appeals on social media. Although the breed of the dog, an Alaskan Malamute, has a thick coat, Kobe was used to sleeping in a warm bed and living in a centrally heated house. A  passing motorist found the dog at 03:00 on Tuesday beside the A82 road close to the Glencoe Mountain snowsports centre. As reported by BBC Scotland, a grateful David Parry said: "The gentleman who stopped stayed with Kobe for four hours until we were able to meet him. We can't thank him enough for stopping."

Below: Picture from Team Akobe via BBC Scotland of Kobe after his rescue

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