Disarray Within Scottish Anti - Independence No Campaign Intensifies

Scotland’s anti-independence ‘Better Together’ campaigners are squabbling amongst themselves. The alliance of Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat No campaign is starting to disintegrate into open warfare. This week Scottish newspaper reports have confirmed that a senior Labour figure has described Tory leader David Cameron’s day visits north of the border as having a negative impact on the No campaign – saying “Cameron is toxic – Everyone knows that.” Despite this it appears that ‘Toxic Dave’, as Cameron is becoming widely known as north of the border, is set to play an increasingly central role in the anti-independence campaign.

This comes after senior Tories had criticised Labour’s Alistair Darling’s leadership of the No campaign describing it as “dismal”. Now all three political factions in the No campaign are busily briefing against each other as panic sets in due to opinion polls showing increased support for the pro-independence Yes campaign. This leaves the Yes campaign in a strong position. As pointed out by Scottish National Party Member of the Scottish Parliament, Linda Fabiani: “Whilst the No campaign spends its time fighting amongst itself, the Yes campaign will continue to make the positive case for a fairer more prosperous Scotland – which is exactly why support for independence continues to grow”. www.snp.org/media-centre/news/2014/may/tory-led-no-camp-briefs-against-i...


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