Devonwall - What next?

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The Cornish and supporters blocked the A388 at Polson Bridge on Sunday 30 October, 2016. So what next?

The arrogance of Sajid Javid MP

The arrogant words of Sajid Javid MP (photographed below) have caused on line uproar this past 24 hours since being circulated and made subject of a You Tube film. This finally confirmed to many that the Tories wish to bring about the end of Cornwall. As Andrew George has told us, only 24% voted for them and they are intent to secure a permanent grasp and will do anything to achieve that including setting their unelected lackies, the Boundary Boys on us.

His words:

"Some in Cornwall see their 'county' (sic) as distinct from the rest of their 'region' (sic), a special case that should be handled separately from everywhere east of the Tamar. If we're going to make a success of the 'South West' (sic), that whole attitude has to change." (Sajid Javid, Tory Minister, Oct. 2016)

See this man pronounce them here:

Read all about him here:

He is Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Unusual words for a man in that position many feel. He obviously detests diversity. Consequently, he obviously detests the Cornish. Perhaps he should read of the struggles of the land of his fathers in the 1940s and the federal constitutional set up there now.

Cornwall Council

We invite peaceful protestors to bring their Piran Flags and banners and to protest outside Cornwall Council, Truro during Thursday 10th and Friday 11th November when the public including our members will be directly addressing the Boundary Commission inside.

How about we give the 'Boys from the Boundary Commission from England' a Cornish welcome? Remember the little man smuggled in from Bristol surrounded by security guards who passed judgement on the local plan? And we are expected to respect these faceless bureaucrats? 

Several of our members are already booked to speak and others are attending. A few Cornish flags wouldn't go amiss!

Plenty of vacancies for speakers!

Public Consultation is on two days commencing at 10am to 8pm Thursday 10 November and at 9am to 5pm Friday 11 November, 2016. It is to occur at Council Chambers, New County Hall, Treyew Road Truro, TR1 3AY. A number of us are booked to speak but there are loads of free slots! Please book a slot to speak directly to the Boundary Commission!

Details here: -and 

Object to Devonwall!

The Boundaries Commission are contactable at: Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ and / or

The Boundary Commission has also set up a new website through which people can comment on the proposed new constituencies. This can be found

Flash Mob Occupations of the constituency offices of Cornwall's MPs

(the six of them photographed below)

This is being proposed by some on social media. It has been done in Wales and in principle, provided matters are peacefully conducted why not? 

If the offices are closed or locked, then outside protest. Again, provided peacefully conducted, why not? MPs are far too closeted these days.

But, this needs to be carried out after the Boundary Boys have been to Cornwall we feel. If some other groups feel inclined to conduct these occupations, then we should need to call a steering group meeting which can be electronically done and discuss the matter of logistical support.

We still hold out that one or two of them might remember the people they represent rather that the party and parliament they enforce on us and have a change of heart. We have even tweeted 'remember us Mark' messages to Mark Prisk MP, the 'Shadow' Minister for Cornwall and a Cornishman promised to us but removed in another example of blatant lies.

Sherryl Murray MP caused much laughter when she accused our Cornwall Council of being 'dysfunctional'. Mmm Sherryl, and the Westminster government is what exactly? Expenses fiddling, allegations of paedophilia, dirty deals done with lobbyists and bankers? Hardly a virtuous establishment. Indeed, many would say utterly rotten to its core. 

Incidentally, we have submitted that fulsome FoI request in order to establish who exactly acted traitorously and caused Cornish language funding to be halted. Once we have a name, we shall be running a media campaign accordingly. 

Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council has bravely voted to take on unelected Boundary Commission & Tory masters by fantastic 78 to 12 - All 12 against were Tories. Six Tories voted patriotically.For once, we stand with Cornwall Council remembering the only way to save Kernow is by remembering our time honoured motto 'One and All' - 'Onen hag Oll'

Remember all, there are more of us than there are of them, a lesson we need to learn and learn fast!

Kernow bys vyken!

The KMTU Team


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