Devonwall - PMB in Westminster House of Commons - the problem with Sherryl Murray MP

News From Kernow Matters To Us:

A Private Members Bill introduced by Pat Glass MP (Lab. North West Durham) has its second reading on Friday 18th November, 2016 and sensibly seeks to amend the Rules of Redistribution of Parliamentary constituencies. 

We wrote to M/s Glass to tell her about the fight to stop Devonwall and we understand that many other Cornish people did as well. To them we say well done! This affects us all and although Sherryl Murray MP may have had a very public 'hissy fit' about people writing to other MPs, there is nothing she can do to stop it happening. We do just still live in a democracy and this issue does affect us all.

It appears that two MPs from Cornwall were present including Sherryl Murray and a short film of them may be seen here:

Sherryl Murray attempts to minimise the passion felt by the people of Cornwall. 

She has doubtless received a more than a few letters from concerned people and then refers to a petition where only 400 signed. We knew nothing of a petition but we do know about communications with an MP. We have been clearly informed by many of her constituents that Sherryl Murray MP has failed to reply to many emails and letters sent to her.

We also here and now thank Alec Salmond MP for his very kind words and for his open display of solidarity. If only Cornwall were under the control of the Scottish Parliament!

When we posted a link to the above film on our social media sites, the response to the impolite Murray was incredible!

Let us here post just a very few of the responses:

What a vile piece of work she is! I didn't agree with all of Steve Double's reasoning, but at least he spoke up.

'Liar' would also fit for Sheryll Murray. She lied to my face about the Government and its cancellation of the Cornish language funding.

I've had the misfortune of having to sit and bite my tongue at a previous job as she lied to actual children about how the economy works in order to justify austerity. 'Liar' is definitely an accurate description for her 

She is a loathsome self-promoting traitor. She was elected to serve the constituants not her own career.

Total traitor to Cornwall.

I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her. Tried to use a photo of me and her as if I supported her. Was pulled very quickly when I complained.

Ooh dear another with a bad memory of who she represents. Never again will i vote for her

How strange - I certainly contacted her. No reply though

I shouldn't have voted for her in the first place

Yes I did She should be ashamed of her herself

Wrote to her but didn't get a reply until 21st Oct . The reply sounded as if it is already decided. Not at all happy.

Shes just another one looking after her own ends again. Seen quite a few of her stints on sunday politics and she comes across as untrustworthy and pathetic in my opinion.

I sent several I have the proof if needed of non response

So evil that she went on today to filibuster a debate on the rights of disabled people, deliberately talking it out of time. 

She is truly iredeemably awful... A disgrace to Cornwall and her constituents.

Get onto her constituency chairman

She wouldn't even respond to my correspondences

Well, we could record more comments, hundreds of them indeed, but we suspect that you have seen enough!

Now, many people have had many suspicions about Sherryl Murray for a while now. As a result of those suspicions, we have drafted and now had registered a Freedom of Information Request in an attempt to establish the facts in the run up to the Westminster Governments spiteful suspension of funding for the Cornish language. We suspect our request may be refused on the grounds that it is to be kept confidential in order 'to protect the decision making process'. There is an appeal, of course, but in a way, that response will only serve to confirm everyone's suspicions. We shall see!

Meanwhile, and completely unconnected with us in any way, two Facebook accounts have been opened.

Sherryl Murray Exposed:

Protest Against Sherryl Murray and Her Fillibusting Behaviour

It appears that Murray has upset many more people than we realised and that there is to be a demonstration against her in Liskeard Town Centre next Tueday 22nd November.

Again, these sites are not ours nor under our control. Nor is the protest against Sherryl Murray. That said, they are truly indicative of just how unpopular this woman is making herself with not only the Cornish people but indeed, the people of Cornwall.

She tries to hide herself by banning access to her 'Twitter' account and massaging her Facebook account but she cannot forever hide from the anger she is generating.

Proclaiming herself Cornish is not enough. She needs to remember where her loyalties should lay and that is to her homeland, that loyalty should be far more than that to Party and Parliament.

As many of our growing membership are very happy to proclaim, 'the love of our lives is the land of our birth'.

Kernow kensa ha dhe hes! Kernow bys vyken!

John, Teresa, Craig, Tony, Matt, Mike, Clive, Ronan , Samuel & Mark

Elected Members of the KMTU Steering Group


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