Devonwall: Early Day Motion in House of Commons and the aftermath!

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Early Day Motion in House of Commons and the aftermath!

A big thank you to Cornwall Councillor Dick Cole and his team for liaising closely with Plaid Cymru and achieving the tabling of an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the Westminster House of Commons.

You can read about it here:

We had already written to the Leader of Plaid Cymru a month ago with a full information pack containing our 22 reasons why Devonwall is not wanted and including Craig Weatherhill’s excellent paper ‘The Case for Cornwall’ as well as Professor Gareth Parry’s mathematical analysis demonstrating the complete lack of need for Devonwall in the first instance.

Our packs which are substantial documents sent out by post, have also gone to the Leaders of other political parties represented in the Westminster Parliament as well as to many members of the House of Lords and others.

We have heard back from Tim Farron MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and also today from Brendan O'Hara MP of the Scottish National Party informing us that both their respective parties will be doing all they can to support the EDM and to oppose Devonwall.  All have been supplied with paper copies of our briefing packs.

(For those who wonder where the money has come from, the £75 cost of printing and postage has so far been met by generous private donations from those who are angry about Devonwall! Other donations are financing varying aspects of the campaign.)

We have now been in touch with several Conservative MPs outside Kernow who stand opposed to Devonwall and indeed the whole Boundary Commission review asking that they join the call for it to be kicked to touch or that they do all within their power to kick it into the long grass during the Parliamentary processes.

We have also personally written to the Leader of the Labour Party, Rt. Hon. Jeremy Corbyn MP with our pack calling for the support of the Labour Party in standing against the unlawful Devonwall proposal and we have been in communication with the Green Party in a similar vein.

We already understand that a few members of the Upper House will do all possible to deflect this threat to the border and blatant act of gerrymandering.

It is worth remembering throughout, that the Leader of Cornwall Council has declared the Devonwall nonsense ‘inequitable and unlawful’ and that he has the support of the bulk of Cornwall Council as well as local Town and Parish Councillors. We have been given to understand that many will be putting in an appearance at the Border Protest Demonstration on Sunday 30th October, 2016.

We repeat, there can be no good reason why Cornwall’s six MPs do not support the EDM and stand up for once for Cornwall and speak out against Devonwall. They know how unpopular it is and we invite them to think about Cornwall, the Cornish people and the people of Cornwall for once rather than trivial party politics.

Again, alarmingly, we are continuing to receive reports of mass failures to answer constituents’ communications containing protests over Devonwall.

Straight speaking and courteous objections require responses and again, it should be borne in mind that Cornwall’s six MPs are there to represent us and nothing else! Their role should be to reflect their constituents views although this has been forgotten down the years of less than transparent practice by the Westminster Parliament where lies and obfuscation have become common practice! Clarity is the only way to conduct democracy!

Here are their email addresses again:

You can write to your MP wherever you live even if you live outside Cornwall. Write about Cornwall and general objections to the overall Boundary Review free & easy on this website:

With this being a suggested letter:


You may be aware that Jonathan Edwards MP (Plaid Cymru) has tabled an Early Day Motion calling for an amendment to the Act to ensure that future constituencies for Cornwall lie entirely within Cornwall's historic boundary.

Could you please confirm that you will sign and support this EDM.

Alternatively, if you are not inclined to do so, could you please inform me of your reason.

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely"


Mur ras oll! Kernow bys vyken!


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