Cymru Is Not An Extension Of England


The decision to rename the Millennium Stadium in Caerdydd (Cardiff), Cymru (Wales) the Principality Stadium, undermines the constitutional status of the country.

Cymru is a nation in its own right and even though the renaming of the Millenium Stadium stems from a 10 year sponsorship deal with the Cardiff-based Principality building society, the ramifications of the name has wider implications.

For many in Cymru the Stadium will always be referred to as Cardiff Arms Park, which existed prior to its redevelopment in 1999, but for visitors to the country arriving at the central train station in Caerdydd it dominates the landscape and leaves a lasting impression and its new name will be significant.

In 2011, Plaid Cymru Leader, Leanne Wood, received confirmation in writing from the International Standards Organisation (ISO) that it recorded Cymru as a ‘country’ and not a ‘Principality’, as Cymru was previously described.

The term ‘Principality’, to describe Cymru, is an outdated legacy of the past when the country didn’t even have its own reference in the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’. Cymru is not an ‘extension of England’ and this decision by the Welsh Rugby Union is unbelievably short sighted.…/welsh-rugby-fans-launch-bid-to-keep-mi…

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