Credit Suisse report - The Success of Small Countries. Independent Scotland would rank higher than rUK

According to a report by international finance company Credit Suisse an independent Scotland would rank higher on the Human Development Index (HDI). That is the case even without oil. The Human Index Statistic is a composite statistic of life expectancy, education and income and the Credit Suisse report ‘The Success of Small Countries’ concluded that on these key areas Scotland would rank higher than rUK (rest of the United Kingdom). It states that smaller nations "have been amongst the economic success stories of the past 20 years". Small states also tend be fairer with less of the wealth concentrated in the hands of the top 10%, lower individual taxes and higher spending on education and healthcare. The report goes on to say “Small countries are more homogeneous and homogeneity plays an important role in determining the success of a country. Cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity creates a ceiling to the potential size of a country. Homogeneous countries tend to have higher HDI scores.”

The reports implications can apply to all of those smaller states who for historical reasons have become attached to larger ones. That would include the other Celtic nations of Cornwall and Wales that remain within the UK at this time. It also demonstrates how much more potential Brittany would have if it could free itself from the French state. When looking at Catalonia the report says "Catalonia would rank 20th globally, while Spain ranks currently 23rd and would slip to 26th ex-Catalonia," 

SNP treasury spokesman Stewart Hosie MP said: "These comments are very welcome. Using academic data, the report sets out Scotland's potential and how our development rating would outperform the UK - even without oil - following a Yes vote.

"The report also found that smaller countries are better able to 'effectively' and 'cheaply' deliver public services, and most of the small countries mentioned do not have nearly as many of the resources we have here in Scotland.

"This highlights once again that Scotland is perfectly positioned to flourish as an independent nation. We would be able to concentrate on our talents, grow our economy and build a better and fairer society following a Yes vote."


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