The Cornish Language Revival - Helston Town Council Promotes the Cornish Tongue

The popular webpage "thisiscornwall." reports that the Helston Town Council have adopted a Cornish Language Policy.  It was reported that,  "Helston Town Council took an extra step to make sure it uses Cornish on official paper work and at Public events." 

Councillor Martine Knight, identified in the article as a Champion of the Cornish language, asked the Town Council to adopt an official policy on the use of Cornish. Knight was  quoted as saying , "..the use of Cornish promotes the County's identity to tourists and was part of the heritage of Cornwall." In addtion, Councillor Knight pointed to recent advances of the Cornish Lanaguage, "..Truro City Council, Hall for Cornwall and Cornwall Council already have a similar policy and use Cornish in their literature."

The devlopments in Helston are just the latest sign of the inevitable return of the Cornish tongue to everyday use in the Celtic Nation of Cornwall.