China Puts Pressure On May Not To Obstruct Nuclear Deal

News from the Celtic League:

China Puts Pressure On May Not To Obstruct Nuclear Deal:

“However at home China deals with protest in the traditional way by beating and killing protesters”

It’s the first real test for new British Prime Minister Theresa May (aka ‘Iron Lady 2 Daughter of Thatcher’) as China gets a tad angry about the UK decision to slam the brakes on the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant they are so anxious to invest in.

The British Prime Minister pressed the pause button because of security concerns but as always with nuclear there are also safety and environmental considerations that could pose a threat to the southern half of the British Isles.

Immediately after the May decision China expressed its concern (link):

A week on its ramping up the pressure (link):

However at home China is having a small bit of difficulty getting its own folk to accept the nuclear option as this report about the siting of a new waste reprocessing facility suggests:…/…

Chinese folk are apparently as unhappy as others globally about nuclear there is of course one difference in China if you protest the government deal with matters in the traditional way by beating and killing protesters as this video report shows (link):

Meanwhile Fiona Walsh in the Irish Times in March was somewhat prophetic when she suggested Hinkley C might run into difficulties (link);…/meltdown-at-edf-over-23bn-uk-nu…

She also said:

“There are a number of firsts in this project. As well as being Britain’s first new nuclear plant in two decades, it is Britain’s first EPR (European pressurised reactor) plant. The technology is unproven and the omens from other projects around the world are not good.”

If Theresa May does cave in to Chinese pressure we will have to hope Walsh was not prophetic about that!

Image: Chinese police beat up nuclear protesters – reports say two were killed by security police.

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