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‘IOMPLC is in everyone’s interest’ No it’s not!

“We acknowledge that any projection of population growth and its broader impact on the economy – no matter how carefully it is calculated – will be subject to a degree of uncertainty. However, we strongly believe that the Draft Strategic Plan should be based on (and support) Government’s aims and objectives for growth in jobs and, therefore, population too.”

This is part of a lengthy diatribe from the Chamber of Commerce which masquerades as a ‘concern’ over the way government has been doing its population sums but really is designed to keep the Government on message that the Chamber wants a massive population increase in the next few years.

Now that’s ‘important’ because;

a) The government has been sending out mixed message (or at least Phil Gawne who first of all unveiled the strategy seemed to ‘rowed back’).

b) The Chamber thinks the government needs to be reminded that the people who run the Island are not the Manx government (on behalf of the Manx people – though there’s not even a pretence of that these days) but the Chamber on behalf of its members.

Its harangue continues reminding COMIN that:

“Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce members are from businesses which represent around half of the private sector workforce on the island.

“As the biggest business network here we are always eager to support and encourage Government initiatives which we believe will benefit the economy.”

Well actually they’re a bit disingenuous here because the Chamber doesn’t want to benefit the economy they want to benefit their members but it’s a sign of the times that they think people are taken in by this bilge.

Very few outside of the grasping shower that make up the Chamber want untrammelled population growth and its questionable if those in government, currently adopting a red light one day green light the next, have worked it out.

In any case how dare Allan Bell at the fag-end of the legislative term of a government that makes Augusto Pinochet seem a populist consider committing Mann to another round of ‘growth’ just because the Chamber are rattling his cage.

It is past time the Chief Minister and Government told the Chamber who runs the Island and it’s not them.

They drone on!

“After all, promoting the continued prosperity of ‘IOMPLC’ is in everyone’s interest.”

No its not! These bloody nit-wits think this is some sort of limited company! Its not it’s a country it’s a community it has a culture it has a heritage it has a people who aren’t going to jump through hoops just because the ‘queens’ at the Chamber want more ‘worker bees’ in the hive!


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