Call to make Welsh and not English history a priority in schools in Wales

Welsh history has to be given priority in school lessons in Wales. That is the call made by Councillor Owain Williams who represents Clynnog  on Gwynedd Council. As reported in the Welsh Daily Post newspaper he is putting a motion forward at next week's council meeting in which he proposes:

“That Gwynedd Council calls for arrangements to be made for Welsh history to be given priority in history lessons in all schools in Wales.

"The current situation of basic failings in teaching our own history and identity is unacceptable.

“We therefore call upon the Welsh Government to take the necessary steps to correct this failing without delay.”

Cllr Owen Williams pointed out that: “Welsh history is being neglected and I’m trying to change that. The situation at present is serious." His comments reflect a growing concern over the years in regard to the amount of English history being taught in schools in Wales. Owain Williams also went on to say: “My own children have been taught more about the names of Henry the VIII’s six wives and Henry V than they have about Owain Glyndŵr."

Making reference to the constant media bombardment over recent weeks in regard to the English Prince Harry's engagement to be married he said "We are not taught our own history. Now we are flooded by another royal wedding of a prince who has dressed up as a Nazi with an American former dancer. They are experts at propaganda.”

The Councillor's calls have been met with a  predictably weak response from a Welsh Government spokesperson who said: “Welsh history is a prominent part of the programme of study for history and schools are encouraged to focus on contexts from local and Welsh history, with an emphasis on people’s daily lives.

“The new curriculum will ensure all aspects of learning have a “Welsh dimension”, giving learners an understanding of the culture and history of Wales and its place in the wider world.”

However, Councillor Williams is confident that his proposal will be passed by Gwynedd Council who last year unanimously supported his proposal that every school in Gwynedd should be encouraged to fly the Welsh flag.

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