Cadw celebrates 30 years of protecting Welsh heritage

Cadw is a word in Welsh that can be translated into English as 'to keep' or 'to protect'. Cadw is the Welsh Government’s historic environment service. It works to conserve Wales's heritage and helps sustain the distinctive character of Wales. They have just celebrated their 30th anniversary. Buildings of special architectural or historic interest are protected by a process known as listing and monuments of national importance through scheduling. In Wales there are over 30,000 listed buildings and 4,000 scheduled monuments. There can be no doubt about the remarkable work undertaken by Cadw across Wales since its formation in 1984. It is not only buildings that come under Cadw’s remit, they also protect ancient monuments, conservation areas, historic parks and gardens, historic landscapes and historic wrecks.

There are all kinds of reasons why people come to Wales. It is a very beautiful country. Mountains, lakes, long sandy beaches, coastal walks, rugged coastlines, rolling hills and national parks provide an opportunity for people to connect with and enjoy nature. Many also come to visit the castles and historic buildings that are found throughout Wales. Some are remote and in quite a ruined state. These are the ones I like the best. They can often have a strange and brooding atmosphere. Others are more intact and substantial. But more often than not they have in common a sign with the message to say 'this site is in the care of Cadw'. They do a great job so Happy birthday Cadw.

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