Busy Times For Members Of 'Kernow Matters to Us' (KMTU)

News From Kernow Matters To Us:

KMTU. some of whose members administer social media sites such as the ever popular 'The Cornish are a Nation' Facebook site are preparing to attend a number of key meetings.

The first occurs on Tuesday 1st February, 2016, when four members will be attending a working conference entitled ‘Setting Cornwall-wide Equality Objectives’ to be held in Wadebridge during which Cornish equality matters arising from the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCPNM) and the Cornish National Minority will be discussed and addressed.

Secondly, the Chair of KMTU is amongst those meeting representatives from the Council of Europe's Advisory Committee for the implementation of the FCPNM* during their visit to the UK on Wednesday 9th March, 2016 when specific issues will be discussed and flagged concerning the Cornish people.

Meanwhile, two members of KMTU, one a local Councillor and the other a Nursing Sister, attended the Cornwall Health Scrutiny Committee held in Truro during Wednesday 24th February, 2016, when a submitted seven page statement and written question over the closure of Cardrew Health Centre and the effect that would have on the residents of Cornwall was taken. The scrutiny committee addressed this matter thoroughly and robustly questioned representatives from NHS England and called for further material from them following advice from a legal officer regarding the actions of the NHS.

The group has also been interacting with English Heritage (EH) over the fiasco at Tintagel Castle and this has drawn the attention of the Grand Bard of Gorseth Kernow who passed his congratulations on. A meeting between representatives of the group and EH is provisionally planned in the near future in order to address developments at other heritage sites in the Duchy. 

KMTU is pleased to speak out for Cornwall in accordance with our Constitution.


(Note, Council of Europe which is nothing to do with the European Union)

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